A Little Bit About Me....

My Name is Brian Gorey & I am the chief photographer here at Be Great Photography.

As a wedding photographer I like to take a more relaxed & informal reality based approach to our weddings, being creative and unique is something I believe each and every couple deserve on their special day. As Photographers our aim is to not only photograph your memorable day but to capture that warm fuzzy feeling you felt inside on your special day. So here we are, ready and waiting to share our passion, love and creativeness with you on your special occasion.

Its time for me to give back & share some of my good fortune...

Well were do i start...

Its been a crazy 18 months for me personally. Work has been good which is a nice complaint to have. Ive been lucky enough to work with some amazing couples on the biggest days of their lives while also getting to work alongside some amazing photographers on some exciting projects. Unfortunately during this time I've also lost both my parents in this period while welcoming our newest member of our small family too. Its been a rollercoaster to say the least... So after much reflection over the winter period i have decided to drop my prices on our wedding packages. I know all too well that the cost of living in this country has gone through the roof as of late and adding the extra expenses of a wedding on top of that is huge.... With this in mind, Ive trimmed back my packages to their lowest cost across the board. I wanted to offer couples across the country a chance to save a few quid on their wedding without worrying about compromising on quality. (i hope my work speaks for itself) I'm fully aware that dropping my prices will look suspicious to most but I'm also mindful & hopeful that the extra business generated will cover the initial cost of reducing my prices. This way more newly engaged couples like yourselves get to benefit and i get to keep moving forward ! Thank you for listening....


How would you describe your wedding photography style?

I would describe my style as natural, non-intrusive and easy going. My job on the day is not only to take incredible photographs but also to put you guys as easy without taking you away from your family and friends for too long.
You need to enjoy your special day too... Right ?

Why am I a Wedding Photographer?

Short answer comes down to one thing... I love to help people whenever i can!
To be involved in the most special day of a couples lives together and be able to help capture those moments is something i'll never get tired off. Even something as simple as lending a helping hand on the day, helping the father of the bride with his boutonniere or reassuring the bride that there is always plenty of time to stop, take a deep breathe and to relax for a minute or two, that its your day and they are not going to start without you...

How long do you spend on portraits?

I usually ask my brides and grooms to allow for at least  20-30 minutes for portraits.
I'm very conscious that this is your special day and i do not want to take you away from your family and friends for too long. After-all It is your day to enjoy !!!
However if there is a specific place or special location you want to use/visit than this might take a little longer on the day, the choice is 100% up to you and i will never push you on this.

Do you work with a second shooter?

I do, but only when requested. I take the approach that the day itself can be hectic and a little crowed and If at all possible i do my best not to add to this as it can start to feel all a little overwhelming for some brides.
As i said before my job is to ensure you guys are as stress free on the day !!!

How many photos will I get?

Depending on wedding package, I usually deliver a minimum 300 fully edited images. All photographs are in high resolution without watermarks

Can I send you recommendations on what photos i'd like??

Absolutely, I generally work in the background and seek to capture your day as it is happens naturally. I only create specific moments when an amazing opportunity presents itself.
Any recommendations that you have for your special day (group shots/school friends etc) i always keep a list on me make sure we don't miss any!

Are your images fully edited? Do you use Photoshop?

Yes, every images will be fully edited using the latest editing programs and all images will be free from watermarks.
The editing process is the most time consuming part of my job. It usually takes me 2-3 weeks of editing each wedding to ensure that all your images have been edited to the highest standard.

Are you Insured on the wedding day?

Absolutely ! I have Public & Product liability Insurance. Its piece of mind for both you and I.